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Wordle Tumble

Wordle Tumble

200 word chains to do anywhere, anytime

by Ivy Press


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Wordle Tumble is a unique collection of wordle puzzle chains to do anytime, anywhere. Play the challenging extreme version to put your skills to the test!

Test your strategic skills with new Wordle Tumble, a unique evolution of the popular Wordle game! Puzzle chains you can complete anytime, anywhere.

Have a go at this exciting collection of brain-teasing puzzles, that can be played offline and will entertain for hours and hours.

Master these challenging puzzles by guessing the correct word for each gap in the grid, deducing from previous words what letters go where. There’s only ever one correct solution to each puzzle, and a full set of answers can be found at the back of the book.

Each page contains a new, exciting puzzle for you to play. But what makes Wordle Tumble so unique is that all the puzzles are connected! Each answer to each puzzle forms the first line of the next one. This means that if you get stuck, you can use the solution to a later puzzle to work backwards.

These mind-melting puzzles range from Easy to Extreme. In the Extreme section, the puzzle chains are two pages long, giving all you wordle addicts double the challenge and double the fun!

This enthralling collection of puzzles helps you train your brain. It’s a dynamic, screen-free offline alternative to online puzzles. This is a wordle challenge like no other and is perfect for commuters, keen puzzlers and all ardent wordle fans. Suitable for children and adults, this book is the perfect gift for anyone who can't get enough of this thrilling puzzle game and wishes they could do more!


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