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The Ultimate Code-Breaker's Puzzle Book

The Ultimate Code-Breaker's Puzzle Book

Over 50 Puzzles to Become a Super Spy, Crack Codes, and Train your Brain!

by Gareth Moore


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Train your brain and think outside of the box. The Ultimate Codebreakers Puzzle Book is bursting with 50 coded puzzles for young kids to crack!

By using math and logic to solve and navigate the codes, kids will build great skills to have in their locker and train their brains in problem solving. Developed by Dr Gareth Moore an expert in the field, this book will have your kids seriously cracking codes in no time!

  • Crack codes with ciphers used by real-life spies
  • Use math to reveal secret coded messages
  • Race against the clock to solve fiendish puzzles that will save the day!

Kids will have a blast solving the awesome alphabet and number codes, grids and picture puzzles. Don’t worry, if kids get stuck, there are tips and subtle clues to help improve code breaking skills. The more kids do the better they will get. Full answers are tucked away, just to check the code has been cracked! With full-color graphics and illustrations throughout, this book is as eye-catching as it is entertaining.

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