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The Threshold

The Threshold

Leading in the Age of AI

by Nick Chatrath


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Accomplished leadership consultant Nick Chatrath offers a revolutionary framework for how leaders in all kinds of organizations can adapt to the new age of technology, like ChatGPTthe Age of AI by leaning into the qualities and skills that make us uniquely human. For readers of Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century and Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0, The Threshold is a bold new way to think about human, emotionally intelligent leadership right now as we stand at the threshold of AI superintelligence.

We are living in a new age: the Age of AI. With developments emerging every day, Artificial Intelligence will soon surpass most human competencies, and as a result drastically transform technology’s role in our day-to-day world. The solution for organizational leaders is not to become more like computers. In order for our organizations to survive as we stand at the threshold of a new era, we must tap into the qualities that make us uniquely human.

In the face of increasingly intelligent technology, old models of leadership are becoming obsolete. In The Threshold: Leading in the Age of AI, accomplished leadership consultant Nick Chatrath interweaves an analysis of antiquated leadership models—the ones that leave AI-Era organizations exposed and ineffective with colleagues frustrated, unmotivated, and burnt-out—with his newly developed strategies for more effective “threshold” leadership methods. Supported with anecdotes, research, and a practical toolkit, The Threshold demonstrates that adaptive, effective organizations can be built with human, emotional intelligence: cultivating stillness, nurturing independent thinking, finding rhythms of rest and performance, and raising leadership consciousness. With a basis in the ideas and practices that have shaped our organizations in the past, The Threshold illuminates how accessing advanced stages of human development can be both competitive and harmonious with AI’s growing insinuation into our working world.

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