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The Super Life of Ben Braver

The Super Life of Ben Braver

by Marcus Emerson

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It all started with a peanut butter cup.

All Ben Braver wanted was to wrap up his summer with awesome TV shows and his favorite candy. But then some kid screams for help, and, like his favorite comic book heroes, Ben tries to save the day. Let's just say it ends badly. But it does lead him to a secret middle school where kids with super abilities learn to control their powers. Ben's never had any powers—in fact, he's so normal it's boring—but he's always wanted to be special. And when he's offered a spot at the school, he realizes he has a chance to make his dreams come true.

With black-and-white art and comic strip panels throughout, The Super Life of Ben Braver is the first book in a hilarious adventure series about the greatness that lies within any middle schooler who dreams big.
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