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The Imposter Puzzle Book

The Imposter Puzzle Book

Use Your Logic and Intuition to Identify the Traitors

by Roland Hall


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The Imposter Puzzle Book places readers right in the middle of the action, with a series of captivating situation-led puzzles to solve.

Get hooked on this intriguing puzzle collection, featuring 12 different conundrums to crack. Discover who is an imposter, and who is an innocent bystander…

The wrong path could leave you stuck in the dark. But if you find the answer, you are allowed to move onto the next bewildering riddle. Can you make it to the end?

This book puts your ingenuity and perseverance to the test as you solve puzzles and challenges to work out who the imposters are.

The 12 puzzles are set in the eerie Stranraer Castle in southwest Scotland, used as a military garrison during the Killing Times of the 17th century. They feature 12 different characters, all with detailed sketches, personalities, and backgrounds to immerse you in the larger-than-life narratives as they unfold.

With your eagle-eyed determination and the power of deductive reasoning, find out: 

  • Who is the mole who informed police of a climate activist group’s plans?
  • Who leaked stories to the press about a politician?
  • Who is a secret police informant in a mob?
  • Who stole £20,000 from a bereaved family during the funeral?
  • Who hacked a social media influencer and leaked a scandalous photo?

Answer these head-scratching questions by reading all there is to know about these curious characters, their lives, and possible motives.

And these are just some of the puzzling incidents to unravel in this thrilling read that keeps you on the edge of your seat, whether that seat be at home, on the go, or at a get-together. It’s perfect for cunning amateur detectives looking to flex their deduction muscles.

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