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The House

The House

by Drew Zucker & Phillip Sevy


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The Battle of the Bulge, WWII, a group of American soldiers becomes trapped inside an abandoned mansion while they seek shelter from a blizzard. 

During the Battle of the Bulge, a squadron of US soldiers is caught in a blizzard while patrolling through the woods. Seeking refuge from the impending white out, they stumble across an abandoned manor, seeking shelter and safety. Once inside, however, the doors disappear, rooms begin to morph, exits become entrances, and they quickly realize there is no safety to be found! As their eyes deceive them, their minds descend into madness, panic, and paranoia. Is this real? Or is there more to this labyrinth than what resides within the walls? Secrets are revealed, history is retold, and death is the only mercy.

The acclaimed, psychological tale of supernatural evil amid the horrors of war from Drew Zucker (CantoSkybreaker) and Phillip Sevy (Tomb RaiderTriage). Now with a new cover and added bonus material!

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