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The Confident Mind

The Confident Mind

A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance

by Dr. Nate Zinsser


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As the director of West Point’s Performance Psychology Program, Nathaniel Zinsser has spent his career training the minds of the U.S. Military Academy’s cadets as they prepare to lead and perform on the highest stakes imaginable—the battlefield. Alongside this work, he has also coached world-class athletes including a Super Bowl MVP, numerous Olympic medalists, NHL All-Stars, college All-Americans, and professional ballerinas, preparing them to succeed at the uppermost levels of competition.

Dr. Zinsser is a firm believer that with the right knowledge and guidance, the confidence to perform well on any stage, on any field, and in any endeavor is something anyone can learn, practice, and deliver on demand. In The Confident Mind, he distills his years of experience for the first time, offering a practical guide to the science of confidence and providing readers with a step-by-step program to best harness their belief in themselves to achieve success in any field.

Combining case studies, exercise prescription, and scientific explanation—to illustrate what confident individuals do, describe how to develop bulletproof confidence, and explain why performers benefit from this regimen—The Confident Mind is a complete guide to confidence for professionals and aspiring professionals in any field: how to understand it, how to build it, how to protect it, and how to apply it when your performance matters.
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