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The Art of Clear Thinking

The Art of Clear Thinking

A Stealth Fighter Pilot's Timeless Rules for Making Tough Decisions

by Hasard Lee


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Based on a career of making high-stakes, split-second decisions as an elite U.S. fighter pilot, The Art of Clear Thinking teaches readers how to make better decisions in everyday life.

The training to become a fighter pilot is among the most competitive and difficult in the world with less than one-in-a-thousand succeeding. Pushing a cutting-edge jet to its limits at over 1,000 mph means that every split-second decision can have catastrophic consequences. This extreme environment has forged a group of warriors who for the last 50 years have been considered at the apex of decision-making theory and practice.

In The Art of Clear Thinking Hasard distills what he’s learned during his career flying some of the Air Force’s most advanced aircraft. Through riveting storytelling—both from his time as a fighter pilot and fascinating turning points throughout history—Hasard relates to the audience in a compelling and accessible way that makes the book as entertaining as it is useful.

Hasard has used and taught these decision-making techniques across the full spectrum of human endeavor and proved their effectiveness both in the cockpit and the boardroom. Those who have already benefited include CEO’s, astronauts, CIA agents, students, parents, and many others. The Art of Clear Thinking is a book that will change how you interact with the world around you.

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