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The All-In-One Guide to Staying Alive in Extreme Conditions (Bushcraft, Wilderness, Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Orienteering)

by Ky Furneaux


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Always be prepared: essential tips and tricks for keeping safe in the outdoors with Survive.

Whether you’re going for a leisurely hike or setting off into the wilderness, there is nothing more important than being properly prepared. Being knowledgeable about survival techniques can be the difference between having fun outside and an emergency rescue. Survive provides essential tips and tricks for anyone who spends time outdoors so that they will know how to recognize potential emergencies, apply basic first aid, build fires and shelter, identify poisonous plants, and more—all in the name of being able to survive in any conditions should an emergency arrive. From fishers and hunters to hikers and cyclists, this guide is perfect for anyone in your life who enjoys the great outdoors so they can keep the time they spend in nature fun by staying safe!
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