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Super Secret Super Spies: Mystery of the All-Seeing Eye

Super Secret Super Spies: Mystery of the All-Seeing Eye

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Perfect for fans of Stuart Gibbs and Dan Gutman, this first book in a humorous, action-packed middle grade debut series follows a young female inventor who becomes the newest recruit for the world’s oldest secret order—the Illuminati.

Maddie Robinson is used to being overlooked: by her parents (who disappeared), by her friends (who are nonexistent), and even science fair judges (who say she has “so much . . . potential”). So when a mysterious man named the Recruiter invites her to join a society of super secret super spies, Maddie is stunned.

What she discovers next is even more shocking: Those super secret super spies are actually members of the Illuminati—the world’s most secretive organization rumored to control, well, everything.

And one more thing: the Illuminati are kids! Together, they are charged with protecting humanity from anyone who threatens its peace and basically keeping the planet rotating. No biggie, right?

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