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Stuff Kids Should Know

Stuff Kids Should Know

The Mind-Blowing Histories of (Almost) Everything

by Josh Clark & Chuck Bryant


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From the blockbuster podcast Stuff You Should Know comes a young reader’s compendium of fun facts and histories on everything from pet rocks to demolition derbies.

From Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, hosts of the award-winning and hugely successful podcast Stuff You Should Know, comes Stuff Kids Should Know: An Incomplete Guide to Mostly Interesting Things. It’s a fun-filled, illustrated guide to weird and wacky questions every kid wants to ask—even if they don’t know it yet!

With their trademark humor and common-sense outlook, Josh and Chuck take their near-boundless curiosity from your earbuds to the printed page. This book asks and answers why some of us have facial hair, why people get lost and how to get un-lost, what's up with Mr. Potato Head, and many more quandaries and quizzical queries.

Featuring helpful and unhelpful (but always entertaining) diagrams, sidebars, illustrations, and jokes, this is the perfect book for every curious kid, but especially the ones who want to know why we age, what is a demolition derby, and how to become the world's first trillionaire.

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