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Stay Smart for Brain Health

Stay Smart for Brain Health

175 Quick Exercises and Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp

by Gareth Moore


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Stay Smart for Brain Health, a new puzzle series, is designed to sharpen your mental reflexes and keep your brain active.

Keep your neurons firing! This collection of 175 tricky puzzles are all carefully designed to help boost your memory and give your brain a workout. Stave off aging and flex your mental muscles by tackling a range of enjoyable puzzles, including creative visual puzzles, word games, number puzzles, and logic teasers.

As you progress through the different difficulty levels, you'll feel those mental wheels turning and your solving skills improving. Maintain your brain health with these mind-sharpening games.

Stay Smart for Brain Health features:
  • Complete brain workout plan
  • A wide mix of engaging exercises
  • Hints and solutions—just in case you get stuck.
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