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Seventeen: Last Man Standing

Seventeen: Last Man Standing

by John Brownlow


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A high-speed debut thriller about the world’s best assassin, known only by a number, who is tasked with finding and killing his predecessor, the sixteenth, perfect for fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series.

He is a hitman, the best in the world, called “Seventeen” because there were sixteen before him, stretching back through time to the Romanovs. Every government organization in the world wants his services and every other high-level hitman has placed a target on his back. Because to be the best, you have to beat the best.

Then Seventeen is ordered to find and kill his predecessor, who retired early and went off the grid. But the hit goes wrong and hunter turns to hunted. As an ultraviolent duel develops between the two assassins, the real target of the job emerges, and Seventeen realizes they must join forces to defeat their joint enemy — and prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

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