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Secret Agent Gals

Secret Agent Gals

by Richard Gid Powers


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Renowned Hoover biographer turns a satiric eye.

Who are Secret Agent Gals, Hilla Rebay and Peggy Guggenheim? Just two beautiful real-life socialite art collectors, who later founded the Guggenheim Museum, but eventually answered the call of duty, joined the FBI, and who pretty much won World War II all by themselves. They won the war by stealing Hitler's and Stalin's mojos and used a secret weapon brewed in St. Louis. Also, they save J. Edgar Hoover and his handsome sidekick Clyde Tolson from treasonous agents and The Pigeon who wants to take over all the Post Toasties' Junior G-Men Clubs.

The Gals team up with many other characters, including Secret Agent X-9, Presidential Agent 103, James Bonds' father Jonquil "Junk" Bond, the Alabama Jamma of the Brooklyn Girls Roller Derby Team, the King and Queen of England and their Corgis, along with the FBI's bevy of beautiful Secret Agents to uncover a secret so awful, so terrible, it can't even be hinted at on the back cover of a book, for it is not suitable material for anyone who hasn't read Secret Agent Gals or at least bought it. This satire of the FBI's intelligence machine during World War II, believe it or not, is in part based on historical fact: Peggy Guggenheim and Baroness Von Rebay did render intelligence on the German machine that was so infatuated with... yes... art.

"Richard Gid Powers is one of our greatest scholars of FBI history. In Secret Agent Gals, he imagines what might have been."
—Yale's Beverly Gage, author of The G-man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century

"Wickedly funny. Who's to say gorgeous FBI gal agents couldn't have thwarted J. Edgar Hoover, Hitler, and Stalin to win WW II? Few writers could have cooked up a plot this unexpected plus a surprise ending you'd have to be as far outside-the-box as Powers to figure out. I wish you a wild ride on this crazy roller-coaster of a read!" —Cathy Cash Spellman, Author of Paint the Wind

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