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Puzzles for Spies

Puzzles for Spies

The brand-new puzzle book from GCHQ



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Can you think like a spy? Then we have a top secret challenge for YOU...

For over one hundred years, GCHQ (or the Government Communications Headquarters) has worked in secret to gather information and solve the toughest of problems to help keep the people of the UK safe and secure.

We are analysts, linguists, engineers, mathematicians, programmers, codebreakers, and lots more - all working together in brilliant teams to solve seemingly impossible problems.

At GCHQ, we solve puzzles every day... and we're giving you a rare glimpse into our world, by setting you a top secret mission: solve problems and break codes that could befuddle the cleverest codebreaker.

From codes and brainteasers to word riddles to language puzzles, there is something for everyone. So grab your friends and family and see how bringing together a mix of minds can solve anything.

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