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Popular Mechanics: The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff

Popular Mechanics: The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff

300 Wild Facts, Fun Projects & Amazing Tricks

by Dan Bova


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Develop new skills (card tricks!), make fun things (a water balloon launcher!) and learn crazy-cool facts with this hands-on activity book for ages 8 to 12

Do you want to find out weird-but-true facts like how to safely enter a black hole or what to do if you meet a mythological monster? Interested in hitting a dizzying ping-pong trick shot or performing mind-blowing magic that’ll amaze your friends? Think it’d be fun to make the ultimate paper airplane or an insane water balloon launcher?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right book! The editors of Popular Mechanics put together this incredible, super-cool collection of did-you-know facts, super-fun projects and astounding skills for curious kids who like to discover stuff, build things, goof around a lot — and sometimes make a big mess in the process. (Don’t tell your parents that last part!)
On these totally non-boring pages you’ll discover:
  • Weird facts about pets…like the wild thing that happens when a dog shakes itself dry! 
  • The most incredible things ever built…like a 50-foot tall robot!
  • Hilarious tricks and pranks to pull on your friends…if you dare! 
  • How to have a million-dollar idea and how to get on Jeopardy
  • Pro secrets for throwing a curveball and shooting a 3-pointer! 
  • How to contact aliens! 
    Plus, even more awesome stuff! (More awesome than talking to aliens? Really? Yes, really!) Are you ready? Pick up this book and let the adventures begin!
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