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Crumpled City Map, Junior - New York City

Crumpled City Map, Junior - New York City

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The Crumpled Junior City Maps are the lightest maps in the world, printed on special technological material. Indestructible, soft and waterproof; they can be handled roughly and crumpled, squashed and crushed into a ball and crammed into a bag; without having to worry about refolding it along the original creases. What's more, the more battered they are, the better they look!

This New York map features ingenious illustrations full of colour making them easy to look up as well as captivating to the eyes of youngsters. Rich in information, each Crumpled City Junior map features several not-to-be-missed spots for young travellers. This un-missable places were selected thanks to the help of "special on location correspondents" who have turned these maps into up to date tool that make travelling come alive.

15.2 x 1.6 x 11.7 cm

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