New York for Food Lovers

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When we think of the New York food scene, it's difficult to single out only one type of cuisine, or a particular dish, that defines the city. NYC is inhabited by 10 million immigrants, and the city's food culture has influences from around the world.
You can find incredible seafood restaurants that recreate the atmosphere of fish markets along the Mediterranean coast, the most superb taquerias in Sunset Park, and the best dim sum in Chinatown sitting alongside delicious Eastern European Jewish foods, such as pastrami sandwiches and bagels. It's this food diversity and fusion of cuisines that makes New York such an exciting place for foodies. New York for Food Lovers is the culmination of 18 years of research by author Martin Gelin, who has not only sought out the most interesting eateries around Manhattan, but also Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.
Organized into chapters by either cuisine type or neighborhood, Gelin offers up a mixture of both budget and pricier venues, delves into the evolution of various iconic food items and tells us where to find the real Little Italy in the Big Apple.