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Murdle: Volume 2

Murdle: Volume 2

100 Elementary to Impossible Mysteries to Solve Using Logic, Skill, and the Power of Deduction

by G. T. Karber


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The second in a new series of original murder mystery logic puzzles from the creator of the popular online daily mystery game Murdle

Deductive Logico is on the scene with a new genre of puzzles to unite mystery fans and insatiable puzzlers everywhere. From the creator of the popular online game by the same name, this is the sophomore collection in the brand new Murdle series, featuring 100 mini-murder mystery puzzles that can be solved in one sitting. In each puzzle, the intrepid Logico must crack a murder case with a list of suspects, weapons, locations, and clues. It's your job to use deductive reasoning to fill out a logic grid and determine the killer by process of elimination. The puzzles increase in difficulty as the book goes on, and hints are included (if you need them) in the distinctive voice of Logico's arch-rival, Inspector Irratino. With many different settings and adventures spanning a wide scope of mystery concepts, this collection will make a super-sleuth out of any mystery reader, armchair detective, or expert puzzler.

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