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Lying and Lie Detection: A CIA Insider's Guide

Lying and Lie Detection: A CIA Insider's Guide

A CIA Insider's Guide

by John Kiriakou


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A foolproof guide both to lying and to detecting deception, Lying and Lie Detection: A CIA Insider's Guide will teach you how the pros can tell if and when somebody is lying.

People lie all the time. Studies show that the average American lies between six and twenty times a day.  Most lies are of the “little white” variety or are meant to spare a person’s feelings. But what about the big lies?  What about the consequential ones? You have a right to know when somebody is lying to you.  

Now, imagine if you had the tools to spot a lie from the truth—a guide to perfect your sixth sense. Whether it's finding out if you truly got the job, unmasking an infidelity, or a simple recommendation, you will no longer have to spend hours, days, or even weeks pondering about it. 

Through the easy-to-follow instructions and professional anecdotes in Lying and Lie Detection: A CIA Insider's Guide, you’ll learn to lie and spot lies from John Kiriakou, a former CIA counterterrorism officer and senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee responsible for the capture of Abu Zubaydah.

Remember, CIA operations officers are trained to lie. They lie all the time. When they are working undercover, they are actually living a lie. With the CIA as a teacher, you’ll learn how to tell.
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