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Know It All

Know It All

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Fast-Paced Trivia Games for Family: In this quick-fire card game, being a Know-It-All gives you the upperhand. Earn points by correctly answering popular adults and kids trivia cards. The more you know, the higher you score!

Fun Games for Kids and Adults: Liven up family games and party games with this ice breaker. A player draws a question card, and Player 1 answers as many as he/she can. There are 80 cards with different scores. So, part of the fun is getting a lucky draw!

Designed for Short and Long Games: When playing this family card game during family game night, players decide on the amount of time allowed for giving answers. It’s an adult and kid trivia game, which allows kids as young as 8 to join. If kids are playing, the time should be longer.

Head to Head Games for Everyone: Time to show off your trivia skills! Score 25 points to win in our family trivia games. Each correct answer earns 1 point. Want to gain an extra Know-It-All point? Then, strike off everything on the list.

Easy-to-Bring Trivia Game: Looking for a quick-paced family game or an alternative to traditional card games? Look no further! Know-It-All card game comes in a compact box (1.57 x 3.54 x 3.54 inches) that you can take anywhere, anytime.

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