The Jabber Bot is a R/C Robot that moves, and talks on command using two way radio control communication. Control the robots movement with the controller (forward, reverse, left, right). Activate the prerecorded sounds from the controller. Use normal, high pitched or scary robot low pitch with the voice disguiser function. Take the robot for a stroll into the next room and listen in on conversation, talk and listen through the two way walkie talkie communication.
  • Multiple functions remote control robot
  • Promote simple coding concept and cause & effect training
  • LED eyes + flexible hands + wheels; durable small robot
  • All-In-1 walkie talkie remote controller
  • Talk, listen (spy), move, voice disguise & make fun sound effects
  • Control movements: forward/backward/left/right
  • Spy mode: hear the talks in real time
  • 3 voice disguise effects: high/middle/low tones
  • 3 fun sound FX: whistle/ghost/ fart

Suitable for ages 6 years and up.