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It’s a Conspiracy!

It’s a Conspiracy!

The World’s Wildest Conspiracy Theories. What They Don’t Want You To Know. And Why The Truth Is Out There.

by Tom Cutler


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Did NASA fake the moon landings?

Did aliens build the pyramids?

Is Finland really there?

Dive down the conspiracy-theory rabbit hole with bestselling author and conspiracy buff Tom Cutler. Mingle with the millions who do not trust the official version and find out what THEY – the global elites – don’t want you to know.

This compelling collection of the world’s wildest conspiracy theories is packed with startling stories, curious characters and freakish facts – covering everything from Princess Diana to weather control, from the cloning of Paul McCartney to 9/11, from Lizard Men to JFK.

It’s a Conspiracy! will make you think again about everything you thought you knew.

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