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Rainworks Invisible Spray

Rainworks Invisible Spray

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Paint the town with invisible ink, create clandestine street art, cover your sidewalk with secret messages (or just use the flower stencil included). This street art kit is the perfect introduction to creating rainworks—invisible pieces of street art that appear when it rains! This spray won’t show up on dry surfaces. But the rain will reveal your messages and artwork in all their glory.

The included 2oz bottle of Invisible Spray 2.0 covers 10-15 square feet (when used as directed), and the box it comes in unfolds into a pattern for a 12 inch flower stencil. Let’s give people everywhere a reason to look forward to rainy days!

  • Create covert street art
  • Reveals itself in rain, then disappears when dry
  • Lasts for up to four months
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