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Into the Metaverse

Into the Metaverse

The Essential Guide to the Business Opportunities of the Web3 Era

by Cathy Hackl


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An illuminating insight into the Metaverse—what it is, how it works and why it will soon be playing a major role in business, technology, and society.

If the internet was first used to connect us to information, and then developed into a social media forum to connect people, then the Metaverse is the Web 3.0: a way to connect people, places and things. It will be the bringing together and merging of our physical and digital lives, and - in the same way that social media upended our lives and our businesses - the Metaverse will shake things up even more.

Into the Metaverse is the first essential guide to understanding the ground-breaking platform and the opportunities it presents from a business perspective. Cathy Hackl draws upon her vast experience as a consultant, strategist and journalist to provide a fascinating yet accessible insight into how the Metaverse operates from a business perspective and the various opportunities it presents organizations of any size and sector. The book also explores the developments that are underway, which allows readers to mitigate any risks and recognize the future potential of this platform. This is illustrated by a variety of first-hand interviews with leading experts in the field, alongside an array of engaging case studies which explores businesses that have already excelled in the Metaverse.

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