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Inside Secret Societies

Inside Secret Societies

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Inside the world's most mysterious groups. Explore their surprising origins, powerful members, and fascinating rites and rituals.

For centuries, humans have had a fascination with secret societies. Some societies that are hundreds of years old — like the Illuminati and the Freemasons — are still relevant today. Or, at least, they are thought to be. But why? After all this time, why do people still care about things like that? What is it about secret societies that so intrigues us? Is it the exclusivity? The desire to belong in a place where others can’t? What are they up to behind those walls, do they know something I don’t? Perhaps it’s the secret nature of it, with special handshakes and rituals and customs. Whatever it is, Inside Secret Societies gets to the bottom of it. We’re taking the oath to reveal some of the more secretive of the secret societies, as well as some of the less secretive ones. Packed with plenty of minutiae and little known facts, this will be popular addition to those into manifestos.

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