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Hidden Cities

Hidden Cities

Explore beneath your feet and above your head

by Irene Noguer


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Discover the underground city in the Australian desert, Canada's subterranean shopping arcades, New York's web-like subway system, and other cities hidden beneath the ground.

“There are several subterranean settlements around the world, and this intriguing STEAM picture book profiles 15 of them….the illustrations steal the show, laying out tunnels, passageways, and interconnected levels….With applications across multiple curriculum areas, this book will capture browsers' attention and demand multiple readings.”—Booklist

When we think of cities, we imagine high-rise buildings and streets full of busy people and traffic. If we slow down to look around, we can discover other cities in the most unexpected places—some are hidden in plain sight, others lie deep below us in lakes and deserts.

Explore sites such as the Wieliczka salt mine in Poland, the Shinjuku metro station in Japan, and the lost city of Kweneng in South Africa. The last page features the most striking and audacious underground constructions such as the Channel Tunnel linking the United Kingdom to France.

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