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Fox & Geese Game Set

Fox & Geese Game Set

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This classic strategy game by Brass Monkey is all about unfair advantages–you know, just like life. In fact, nothing’s equal (on purpose). While one side plays as a singular fox, the other player has to command a flock of 15 probably-angry geese. The geese try to outnumber and surround the fox (so it can’t move), while the fox attempts to jump over the geese to avoid capture (and eat them in the process). It’s a fun, family game loosely based on animal homicide.

  • Includes 16 painted wood game pieces (1 red ‘fox’ & 15 blue ‘geese’).
  • Features a heavy-weight game board that makes the game as beautiful as it is fun to play. In other words, it’s really great looking.
  • Suitable for two players.

The outer box measures 9.4” square by 2” deep (238mm x 238mm x 50mm).
The game board measures 8.25” square by .5” deep (209mm x 238mm x 13mm).

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