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Federico Solmi: Escape Into The Metaverse

Federico Solmi: Escape Into The Metaverse

by Federico Solmi


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Federico Solmi: Escape Into The Metaverse examines the work of Federico Solmi, a leading practitioner in the genre of new media art. As a narrative and figurative artist, Solmi utilizes lurid colors and satire to portray a dystopian vision of contemporary society, highlighting the contradictions and fallibilities that characterize our time. Employing video, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound and digital game design, he creates a carnivalesque virtual reality with historical and present-day world leaders – animated by computer script and motion capture performance – in a critique of Western society’s obsession with power. Inspired by real events and fabricated myths, Solmi explores, reinterprets and concocts celebrated moments in history. As reconfigured narratives, these social and political commentaries disrupt the mythologies that underpin Western society, revealing its ties to nationalism, colonialism, religion and consumerism.

The book documents Solmi’s unique process of melding traditional art practices and digital technologies in a case study of his most ambitious video-painting to date, The Bathhouse (2020). Pioneering new modes of cultural production and art experience afforded by the metaverse, Solmi’s absurd rewriting of past and present merge dark humor and a sense of the grotesque in a virtual world that indicts our own reality.

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