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Enigma: Beyond Code

Enigma: Beyond Code

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World War II is in full swing. Germany widely uses Enigma rotor cypher machines. Breaking the Enigma code would give the Allies an advantage in the war. But this is just one side of the coin.

The Enigma code is based on Chaos — a non-measurable force lurking beyond the boundaries of our world and eager to consume all things alive. The code decryption would stop the Chaos invasion into our world.

A secret Agency that has been opposing supernatural forces for centuries operates in a mysterious, heavily-guarded, Victorian mansion somewhere in London suburbs. To break the Enigma code, the Agency has brought together the world’s best decryptors. You are one of them.

Your mission is to break the Enigma code as soon as possible while wandering inside a mansion with a constantly changing layout. However, in practice, your character may actually have a different objective.

1-5 players
Ages 12+
5-10 minute for single games
30-60 minute for a campaign


9 oversized Character cards
10 oversized Mansion cards
1 Time sheet
1 wooden Time token
5 Decryption tokens
5 Chaos tokens
4 Silence tokens
5 Triumph tokens
1 Chaos Breakthrough token
5 Reference sheets
1 Solo mode Reference sheet
4 oversized blank cards
Game Rules
Theme Guide
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