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Choose Your Own Adventure: Return of the Ninja

Choose Your Own Adventure: Return of the Ninja

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Return of the Ninja by Jay Leibold brings YOU back to your best friend Nada's magical dojo in Japan. 9-12 year old readers will face powerful warriors and work to lift an ancient curse plaguing the dojo, a curse so powerful Nada believes it is killing her grandmother.

Choose Your Own Adventure Return of the Ninja is an interactive adventure gamebook in which YOU decide what happens next. You are an older, wiser, and more powerful ninja but challenging the threats to Nada's dojo will take all of your skills. Will you be a match for the shugenia, warrior priests who hide in the rural mountainside? Police have the dojo covered, but you begin to suspect some are double agents who are involved in the mayhem. Keep your friends close, and your shuriken closer--you may need as many throwing stars as you can handle to keep Nada and her family safe.

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