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Bond vs. Bond

Bond vs. Bond

by Paul Simpson


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In this revised and updated paperback edition of Bond vs. Bond: Revised and Updated, you'll find side-by-side comparisons and contrasts of all the Bonds from Connery to Craig, now including the 2020 movie No Time to Die.

Connery. Lazenby. Moore. Dalton. Brosnan. Craig.

Who is your favorite Bond? Whether you prefer Sean Connery to Roger Moore or Daniel Craig to Pierce Brosnan, you’ll find every incarnation of the debonair spy in this unofficial comprehensive guide. Revised and updated, this paperback edition of Bond vs. Bond includes the 2020 movie No Time to Die, along with speculation about the future of Bond, James Bond.

In Bond vs. Bond, author Paul Simpson delves into all the various ways Ian Fleming’s iconic British Secret Service agent—code name 007—has been interpreted through the years, from the books and movies to the guns and gadgets.

Discover the femme fatales who only appear in the movies but not the books; why Ian Fleming himself once described the Bond character as “ruthless and self-indulgent”; and much more. Loaded with interesting factsabout the extraordinary history and continuing popularity of Bond, this is definitely a book that no fan should be without.

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