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The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

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A real-life “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” by the bestselling CIA operative Robert Baer and his CIA “shooter” wife

He was the best operative working the Middle East—a man who’d been “in the life” so long that friends and family had mostly become casualties, no longer interested in taking his calls. She was an up-and-comer—a young Agency talent who was determined to make it as a spy and as a gun-wielding “shooter.” When Robert and Dayna were sent on a mission together, the last thing either expected happened: they fell in love. This is the story of their unlikely romance, and of their attempt to leave their old lives behind and build something real. It’s also a trip deep down the rabbit hole that shows how the intelligence game actually works—including the compromises it asks of those who try to play by its rules—and a portrait of two people trying to “come home” to a world they don’t recognize.

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