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The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill

The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill

A Closer Look at the Hidden Magic and Meaning of the Money You Use Every Day

by David Ovason


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A leading astrologer and expert on arcane subjects uncovers the fascinating and long-buried secret meanings behind the symbols on the dollar bill.

Elements of the dollar’s complex graphic design date back to the Founding Fathers, and most of us are unaware of its deeper meanings. Now, David Ovason uncovers the fascinating secret meanings behind the design of the money we use every day.

In an easy-to-follow bullet point format, he takes the reader through an explanation of each symbol and on to a discussion of the importance of the dollar bill’s numerology and hidden alignments. Ovason invites the reader to take a dollar bill in hand and uncover the magic and messages behind each of its great symbols.

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