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Only When I Larf

Only When I Larf

by Len Deighton


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The three confidence tricksters – two blokes and a bird – had a style that earned them millions.

Silas was the leader, slick and self-assured, but dissatisfied. Bob was the junior partner, longing for the open road where pickings were rich and the living was easy. And Liz, Silas’ mistress, was… in between. Theirs was a built-in love triangle with its own rewards… and its own dangers. In New York, these con-artists do a ‘business deal’ worth millions. But back in London, Silas’ plan to bilk an emergent African nation misfires. Then Bob takes over the running of the operation – and Liz. A Beirut bank is their target and each member of the trio gets what he or she deserves, each with a twist of lemon.

This new reissue includes a foreword from the cover designer, Oscar-winning filmmaker Arnold Schwartzman, and a brand new introduction by Len Deighton, which offers a fascinating insight into the writing of the story.

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