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Hands Off!

Hands Off!

by W. E. Fairbairn


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Originally published during the Second World War, Major Fairbairn’s “Hands Off!” shows the emancipated woman how to deal with any “unpleasant” situation which would immeasurably increase their efficiency in the War Effort. The methods of self-defence explained and illustrated were especially selected for use by women, taking into account their disadvantages of weight, build and strength. They are all practicable, and many were originally worked out in answer to the question ‘what should I do if I were attacked like this’.

Amongst the twenty measures advocated are: Wrist Hold – Being Strangled – How to Apply the “Chin Jab” – Bear Hug – Waist, Coat, Hair and Belt Holds – Umbrella Drill – Car “Hold Up” – “Give Me a Light”. 

They are all as valid today as they were seventy years ago.

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