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Bridget Wilder #2: Spy to the Rescue

Bridget Wilder #2: Spy to the Rescue

by Jonathan Bernstein


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Middle school meets Mission: Impossible in the second hilarious adventure of a girl whose life gets messy when her long-lost father recruits her to be a spy.
When the top-secret spy agency that recruited Bridget turned out to be a fake, Bridget hoped her super-spy father would teach her his tricks, stealth codes, and martial-arts moves (WRONG!). Instead of drop-kicking evil villains and shooting lasers out of her lip gloss, he wants to bond over normal (aka BORING!) things like TV, fro-yo, and boy talk. But when Bridget gets framed for stealing cheerleading secrets and ruining the most glamorous party of the birthday season, her spy instincts kick in: she’s being set up. And when her spy dad goes missing, Bridget knows she’s the only one who can bring him back alive—official spy or not.

Now Bridget’s back in the spy game and on a plane headed straight to New York with her best friend by her side and a crafty nano-marble sidekick that does everything from hacking phones to taking down the fiercest enemy agent. Can she ditch her annoying older brother-slash-chaperone, squash a budding crush, and prevent global disaster before her mom texts to check in? Or are Bridget’s days as a spy over, this time for good?

It is no secret—Bridget Wilder: Spy to the Rescue is part of an explosive new series packed with humor, high-tech gadgets, and best of all: girl power.

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