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Bad Kids

Bad Kids

by Zijin Chen


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An edge-of-your-seat game of cat-and-mouse as a trio of young witnesses blackmail a murderer and follow the path of their own darkest impulses

Stand by Me meets Strangers on a Train in this blockbuster suspense thriller that’s taken China by storm, proving anyone can become a killer


One beautiful morning, Zhang Dongsheng pushes his wealthy in-laws off a remote mountain.

It's the perfect crime. Or so he thinks.

For Zhang did not expect that 3 kids would catch him in the act while they're working on a photography project. When an opportunity for blackmail presents itself the trio start down a dark path that will lead to the unravelling of all their lives.

This dark and grizzly story, where no one is innocent, is perfect for fans of Keigo Higashino and Un-Su Kim.

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