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Animal Farm - 07 B

Animal Farm - 07 B

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This groundbreaking film, based on the novel by George Orwell, was secretly funded by the CIA as a tool to fight communism. It was Orwell who first coined the term ‘Cold War’ in a 1945 essay, not knowing the CIA would use his work a decade later for propaganda purposes.

The scene offered here captures a defining moment of the story: the animals, unified in song, voicing their newfound beliefs in freedom and equality. The revolutionary spirit of the animals sets the stage for the main drama of the story. This iconic artwork not only encapsulates this pivotal moment but also captures the Cold War fusion of art, politics, and espionage.

Sold as a set of 2, the group comprises one hand-painted animation cel with its corresponding original animation drawing in pencil.


Cel dimensions: 13 x 16.5"
Paper dimensions: 11.5 x 18"


Animation cels and drawings were working artworks with wear and irregularities consistent with studio use and production process. Each piece therefore includes an authentic patina which may include scuffing, tape or tape residue, handling marks, or margin notes. Some yellowing, creases and foxing to the paper and waviness to the cels is common with works of this age. As visible in the image, there are scattered paint losses, mainly limited to the bodies of two sheep.

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