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After Dinner Amusements: Mini Mysteries

After Dinner Amusements: Mini Mysteries

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Put on your sleuthing hat to solve the short but sinister riddles in this handy little tin of Mini Mysteries for adults and teens!

Challenge yourself and your friends to tackle the fifty mysterious riddles in this tin. Take turns picking cards and reading them aloud to a friend or a group. The person who correctly solves the most mysteries wins!

RIDDLE GAME TO KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP: Get your gears turning with the clever brainteasers in this deck.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: The petite, portable tin is the perfect size to bring in a bag to a murder mystery game, a dinner party, or cozy mystery movie night.


  • Fans of logic puzzles, mind benders, and word games
  • Enthusiasts of true crime and murder mystery books, movies and television shows
  • Party hosts and partygoers
  • Gift givers looking for clever presents and stocking stuffers for friends, family, or coworkers
  • Ages 12+
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