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Actually Curious: Curiosity Edition

Actually Curious: Curiosity Edition

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Actually Curious: Curiosity Edition explores questions of background, values, and views on important issues like diversity & inclusion, the environment and mental health.

There are four levels in the Curiosity edition. Start at the blue questions and work your way up to the most vulnerable pink questions, meeting each other where you’re at and getting vulnerable together.

Ideal For: 

  • Family & Friends: Bring thoughtful questions to your next game night to unlock stories that have been waiting for the perfect moment to be told.
  • Professional Conversation Starters: Meet people where they are at and level up together as you build trust. Combine with other editions to break the ice or go deeper.

  • Journaling practice: Explore your own biases and values by using the questions as journaling prompts.

  • Intentional Dating: Whether it be the first date or the 100th date, get to know each other's values and views on a deeper level.

  • Learning & Development: Foster a culture of curiosity and willingness to create safe spaces for difficult but necessary conversations.

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