Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build a Secret Agent Arsenal

Tools for any mission—no matter how small!

If you’re a budding spy, what better way to conceal your clandestine activities than to miniaturize your secret agent arsenal? Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build a Secret Agent Arsenal provides fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for building 30 different spy weapons and surveillance tools, including:

  • Paper Dart Watch                 
  • Pen Blowgun
  • Rubber Band Derringer         
  • Mint Tin Catapult
  • & more!

Once you’ve assembled your weaponry, author John Austin provides a number of ideas on how to hide your stash—inside a deck of cards, a false-bottom soda bottle, or a cereal box briefcase—and targets for practicing your spycraft, including a flip-down firing range, a fake security camera, and sharks with laser beams.