Berlin Game

By Len Deighton

This is the first in a series of three spectacular thrillers featuring British Intelligence agent Bernard Samson.
The field is Berlin. The game is as baffling, treacherous, and lethal as ever. Brahms Four wants out. This alarming signal means that one of Britain's most reliable, most valuable agents behind the Iron Curtain is urgently demanding safe passage to the West. It sends a ripple of panic through the highest levels of the British secret service. Appropriately, it has fallen to Bernard Samson, himself once active in the field but now anchored behind a London desk, to undertake the crucial rescue.
Even before Samson sets out on his mission, he is confronted with inescapable evidence that there is a traitor among his colleagues, a traitor planted by Moscow Centre. To discover who it is, Samson must sift through layers of lies and follow a web of treachery from London to Berlin until hero and traitor collide.

  • First Edition
  • First Printing, 1983
  • Near Fine Condition
  • Dust Jacket, Archival Acetate Cover