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Moleskine Limited Edition James Bond Notebook - Black

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This 007 Limited Edition Notebook is a celebration of the famous spy’s ability to think himself out of any situation. James Bond is an accomplished strategist, linguist and sportsman – a creative mind par excellence who always has the tools he needs to deal with whatever life throws at him. Be inspired to reason like Bond and equip yourself with essential kit for quick thinking on the move – from your trusty notebook for capturing inspiration, to your pen of choice to fuel your ideas. This 007 Limited Edition notebook features the iconic 007 logo and instantly-recognizable swirling gun barrel from the opening sequence of the original films. The 007 theme continues inside on the endpapers and paper band B-side, which has a table for creating your own secret spy code. Each notebook also comes with a set of 25 stickers inspired by over 50 years of Bond films.