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Game On

Game On

Ice Breakers, Memory Games, Wordplay and Everything in Between

by Marley Byng


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An interactive book of over 50 classic and modern games to play with friends and family

Featuring over 50 classic and new games to make your get-togethers unforgettable

Game On makes your party, weekend escape or vacation more fun, with a range of classic games which everyone will know (but often don't remember how to play!) such as Mafia or The Hat Game, as well as an array of modern games that will soon become firm favorites with family and friends.

Most games don't need any special equipment (occasionally items such as pens, paper or some playing cards are needed).

With a sleek, fun and interactive design, clear instructions and guidance for number of players and possible modifications, this is the perfect gift for those looking for fun new ways to interact with friends and family, as well as for avid gamers.

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