Drone Builder Kit

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Build and fly your own drone with the Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

Power your cardboard arms with conductive silver ink, or build the PCB arms included, and connect your drone’s hub and motors. Download the controller - CS Pilot App (iOS & Android) and take to the skies!

Fly your creation from a tablet or smartphone. It comes with a 480p on-board camera.

Build & fly your own drone, in three easy steps!

⒈ Sketch - Draw your circuits onto the arms using Circuit Scribe pens.

⒉ Snap - Easily snap the drone hub and motors into place.

⒊ Soar - Download free mobile app and soar! 

Drone Kit includes:

  • Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen 
  • 4 motors, 4 propellers, 4 extra propellers 
  • Drone hub with on-board camera 
  • Battery and battery charger 
  • FREE iOS & Android controller app download 

Mobile App features: easy-to-fly hover, takeoff and landing modes, and even full manual joystick control. See a live bird’s-eye view with the on-board camera and record video + pictures in the app!

Use the included pre-made plastic arms for testing, PLUS make your own arm designs with the included extra cardboard.