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The Women Who Lived for Danger

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By Marcus Binney

In 1940, Winston Churchill formed the Special Operations Executive. In SOE women were trained to handle guns and explosives, endure interrogation by the Gestapo, and use complex codes. This is the story of ten remarkable women who were dropped in occupied territories to work as secret agents.
Once in enemy territory, they organized dropping grounds for arms and explosives, helped operate escape lines, and provided Allied Command with vital intelligence. The stories of these women agents—some famous, some virtually unknown—are told with the help of extensive new archive material. Their exploits form a new chapter of heroism in the history of warfare matched only by their determination, resourcefulness and ability to stay cool in the face of extreme danger.

  • First Edition
  • First Printing, 2002
  • Near Fine Condition
  • Dust Jacket, Archival Acetate Cover