Wordle Challenge

Wordle Challenge presents 500 brilliantly engaging puzzles to do anytime, anywhere.

Do you love playing Wordle? Do you wish you could do more than one puzzle a day? If you do, then you will love this collection of 500 puzzles to do anytime, anywhere.

Wordle Challenge presents a fun, interactive collection ofbrain-teasing puzzles, that can beplayed offline and will entertain for hours and hours.
These stimulating puzzles are graded from Easy to Expert level. Puzzlers must guess what the correct word is, deducing from previous words in the grid what letters go where. A clue means there is only one correct solution to each puzzle, and answers can be found at the back of the book.

Whether you are looking for puzzle practiceto train your brain, or seeking ascreen-free offline alternative to online puzzles, this collection will have you enthralled.

Perfect for commuters, keen puzzlers and all ardent wordle fans, andsuitable for children and adults, this book is theperfect gift for anyone who can't get enough of the sensation puzzle game and wishes they could do more!