A Mysterious Case of Spying and Espionage

It's a mysterious case indeed. Don't be fooled by the compact size of this chunky little box. Inside is everything a burgeoning master of espionage needs to get the job done. A die-cut periscope, fake identity cards, spy glasses, a secret code wheel, a magnifying glass, and a fake passport are the tools of the trade. It all comes together with the help of a detailed, yet easy-to-follow, 48-page book that covers--

  • The history of espionage and simple techniques including surveillance and infiltration
  • Spy skills like code creation, spy talk and blending into a crowd
  • How to create cool tools like listening and surveillance devices and disguises
  • Biographies of master spies like Mata Hari, Nathan Hale and The Cambridge Five

    Kids will enjoy discovering the long-held secrets of espionage and putting those skills to use to become master spies themselves!