Bletchley Park: Number and Mathematical Puzzles

This brilliant and challenging collection of 140 number and mathematical puzzles is produced in association with the Bletchley Park Trust.

During World War Two, Bletchley Park was the workplace for thousands of people whose job it was to read the encrypted messages of its enemies. Follow in the footsteps of wartime codebreakers and solve these tricky mathematical problems!

These puzzles include:
• Latin squares
• Kakuro
• Number crosswords
• Hidato
• Suduko
• Missing number problems

This delightful book is designed with a retro 1940s cover using textured paper, making it a wonderful gift for anyone interested in wartime history, as well as those who simply love a good puzzle!

ABOUT THE SERIES:This series of fun and stimulating puzzle books are produced in association with the Bletchley Park Trust, a vibrant and fascinating heritage site celebrating the World War II codebreakers who were stationed there.